Welcome to my site. I hope that you will take a few minutes to look around and enjoy the images you find here.

I travel more than most people and I try never to be without a camera. I have had the good fortune to have traveled to some interesting and unique places. I take every opportunity to wander around my surroundings as slowly as possible and just look. Whether I am in a new city, new countryside or in my own backyard I do not look for anything specific but rather just observe. Usually I look at small things that go unnoticed.

These images will hopefully give you some views to things you have seen often but perhaps not had time to stop and take in. Perhaps you did not see them because you were so intent on getting to you destination or you were focused on something other than your surroundings. Maybe you just felt that you did not have the time to stop and look.

I hope that these images will make you stop and think to yourself, “Hey, I saw something just like that the other day. Next time I pass that way I will have to stop for just a moment and take a closer look.”

You do not have to “travel” to see new, interesting and unique things. All you have to do is take a moment to stop and look around you.  Better yet, take a camera with you and make a photograph of what you see. The more you exercise your “eye” the more observant you will become.

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